24 February 2018

Pearls of expression.

On that CALPERS fiasco.
No one could have seen this coming. . . .[1]
Other comments excellent, as usual.

[1] Comment by American Psycho on "'CalPERS Is Near Insolvency; It Needs A Bailout Soon' - Former Board Member Makes Stunning Admission." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 2/24/18.

23 February 2018

It wasn't a 747?

One or two wrong assumptions in this piece. A bit like: a light airplane crashes into a graveyard. The investigators recover 452 bodies and assume it must have been a much bigger plane.[1]
The comments on this article are a treat.

[1]  Comment by vernier on "Britain's prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years." By David Keys The Independent, 2/22/18.

Pearls of expression.

Ground breaking research has shown that ground breaking research can be heavily influenced by the political beliefs & agendas of those who commission it, and by those who undertake it.
Comment by andrew65 on "Britain's prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years." By David Keys The Independent, 2/22/18.

Good question.

Just how long does a body have to be in the ground, before the crime of Grave Robbing, become the respectable science of Archeology?
Comment by Freddie Jones on "Britain's prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years." By David Keys The Independent, 2/22/18.

Start here.

The rest just falls into place.
There is no institution left in America that can be called democratic, and thus there is no internal mechanism to prevent a descent into barbarity.
“The political role of corporate power, the corruption of the political and representative processes by the lobbying industry, the expansion of executive power at the expense of constitutional limitations, and the degradation of political dialogue promoted by the media are the basics of the system, not excrescences upon it,” the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin wrote in “Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.”
"The Deadly Rule of the American Oligarchs." By Chris Hedges, Russia Insider, 2/21/18 (emphasis added).

20 February 2018

Fox News descends to joke status.

“Kennedy” on Fox tonight referred to the “filthy, corrupt government” of Russia. You can see why they use the slogan "Fair and balanced."

This surpasses even Ralph Peters’s reference to Putin as a “thug” and a “racist.”

Fox is fully on board with the moronic demonization of Russia. Trish Regan beats the “evil Russian are attacking our democracy and sowing dissension” theme like a rented mule. She can't get enough of Gen. Jack Keane on her regular show. He's a reliable peddler of the "expansionist Russian" nonsense.

The late infomercial marketing genius Billy “Mr. Mighty Putty” Mays was never as good as these Fox peddlers of snake oil.

Fox News-verified photo of Putin leadership style.

Hat tip: The Daily Beast.

Popular sovereignty is a joke.

Here's a view of who runs America you won't see discussed on Fox News:
Europe — the EU — gets the refugees from America’s invasions and coups (including not only from the middle East but also from America’s 2014 coup in Ukraine), but still allies itself with the US Government, which nominally represents the American people, though actually representing only the billionaires in three countries: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. (What’s especially key to understanding US foreign policies is that whereas the US aristocracy is primarily focused against Russia, the Saudi-Israeli alliance is primarily focused against Iran.) Europe subordinates itself to that group of billionaires, but especially to the American ones, since the American ones control the NATO alliance and basically created the EU. (Whether America ever wears-out its welcome amongst European publics will be shown by the extent to which those publics repudiate both NATO and the existing EU, since those two organizations are the immediate agencies of US control there; and the IMF and other US-created entities are global, not merely European entities of these billionaires’ empire.)[1]
It’s clear that whatever the U.S. is doing now (and in recent years) is not intended to serve the interests of the citizens of the U.S.

On the following issues, let’s record the attitude of the United States elite toward the American electorate:

  • Wide-open immigration – fuck you.
  • Wide open borders – fuck you.
  • Millions of foreign invaders inside the country untouched – fuck you.
  • Pathetic views on DACA – fuck you.
  • "Birthright" citizenship – fuck you.
  • The Afghan war – fuck you.
  • Saudi Arabia influence in the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Israeli/Jewish influence in the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Hillary Clinton and her "pay to play" Clinton Foundation – fuck you.
  • Betrayal of American in Benghazi – fuck you.
  • Subversion of Ukraine – fuck you.
  • Communists in government – fuck you.
  • Concealment of the true nature of Islam – fuck you.
  • War crimes in Syria – fuck you.
  • Pointless expansion of NATO – fuck you.
  • Turning Kosovo in a Muslim state – fuck you.
  • Destruction of the Constitution – fuck you.
  • Pursuit of illusory equality – fuck you.
  • Demonization of the American South – fuck you.
  • Demonization of Donald Trump – fuck you.
  • Demonization of Russia – fuck you.
  • Judicial tyranny – fuck you.
  • Trial of America's most sensitive political cases in Washington, D.C. – fuck you.
  • Disproportionate representation of blacks in the Washington, D.C. federal government agencies – fuck you.
  • Congressional Black Caucus – fuck you.
  • Destruction of government schools – fuck you.
  • Inflationary policy of the Fed – fuck you.
  • Stealing from the Social Security “trust fund” – fuck you.
  • Princely pensions and salaries for public employees – fuck you.
  • Public employee unions – fuck you.
  • One-dollar-one-vote politics – fuck you.
  • Unsustainable Social Security – fuck you.
  • Crushing burden of Medicaid – fuck you.
  • Bailouts for banks and speculators – fuck you.
  • Support for the homosexual agenda – fuck you.
  • Widespread vote fraud – fuck you.
  • Deindustrialization of the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Concentration of media ownership – fuck you.
  • Filth on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of miscegenation on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of homosexuality on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of lunatic "gender" issues – fuck you.
  • Making white Americans a minority in our own country – fuck you.
  • Affirmative action for Mexicans, Jamaicans and Nigerians – fuck you.
  • Welfare for illegal aliens – fuck you.
  • AntiFa thuggery – fuck you.
  • Endless, dishonest attacks on “guns” – fuck you.
  • Tax exemption for leftist foundations – fuck you.
  • Support for hate speech laws – fuck you.
  • Advancement of lunatic feminism – fuck you.
Who determined that any of the above policies or actions would be the ones adopted or taken respectively by the U.S.? Did anyone vote to turn America into a brown-skinned, third-world country without borders or personal security?

U.S. – and Western elites – have been coasting on the good will of their populations for decades but at long last the mask has slipped off completely. Something’s very wrong in River City. Western governments have forfeited all legitimacy yet they plough blithely ahead.

[1] "America’s Deceitful Secret Support of Al Qaeda ." By Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture Foundation, 1/20/18 (emphasis added).

Pearls of expression.

Even though, after more than a year of constant, saturated media coverage on the so-called Russiagate story there is an embarrassing paucity of any supporting evidence. More reliable observers like Princeton Professor Stephen Cohen have cogently argued that the real story is US “Intelgate”, not the media sensationalized “Russiagate”.

"Deep State and the FBI – Federal Blackmail Investigation." By Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture Foundation, 2/20/18.

15 February 2018

Confused and dangerous times.

Over a century ago, the world drifted into World War I. Its terrible slaughter and tragic consequences are with us even today. Intelligent and experienced leaders inched closer and closer to catastrophe with no understanding of the horrors that could be delivered by modern industrial warfare or the hideous Bolsheviks.

The lessons from that time and the ensuing century have been forgotten, if they were ever learned. With the end of the Cold War with a stupid and inhuman Bolshevik regime the veneer of righteousness that Western policies enjoyed evaporated. Political power was handed to pathetic midgets, frat boys, and a most peculiar and evil class of destroyers. The U.S. dog is now obviously wagged by the Israeli tail and, when it is not pursuing Israeli interests in the Middle East, it is scrambling after a dominant position in the world straight out of the dreams and schemes of Brzezinski, the C.F.R., and the MICC (military-industrial-congressional complex) while mewling about our non-existent “democracy,” our “exceptionalism,” and our status as the “indispensable nation.”

Our vaunted Constitution has been reduced to the status of an embarrassing joke whose “true meaning” is announced to us by our corrupt, runaway judiciary. And our culture has been successfully destroyed by massive, wide-open, uncontrolled third-world immigration invasion and a complicit corporate media establishment. The so-called “immigration debate” in the U.S. is “Exhibit A” for the ineptness, dishonesty, and stupidity of the nation’s elites whose only peers in this world are elected with regularity and enthusiasm by other Western voters with only a tiny number of notable and honorable exceptions. The U.S. media are fascinated with trifles and utter fairy tales about human nature and economic reality.

I agree with Professor Steven Cohen that Vladimir Putin is “the most consequential national leader of the 21st century” yet he is treated like some kind of evil dimwit by U.S. elites and their cringing media. By their telling of it, he’s some kind of Stalin fan boy who wants to bring back the Red Army, the KGB, the Gulag, and state pricing of pencils and chickens.

All the while AntiFa scum rule the streets of America in no way inconvenienced by the American law enforcement establishment at any level. Not to mention outright law enforcement cooperation. And, if you can think of some completely asinine to say about marriage, men, economics, law, race, history, or language, you are guaranteed a respectful hearing in just about every American media outlet.

U.S. gift to Syria.
This is the nation that without whose trillion-dollar investment in pointless global chaos the cities of Syria could not have been reduced to rubble and its people slaughtered or scattered to the winds. It’s the nation that can’t find its ass with both hands in the much-abused nation of Syria yet it manufactures lies and opportunities for confrontation with another major nuclear power while the U.S. presence in that country are contrary to the U.S. Constitution and international law. But who cares about that? Certainly not anyone in the U.S. State Department or Trump White House. Zzzzz.

In 1914, the statesmen and rulers of Europe operated in an environment that, in comparison to current U.S. realities, was the essence of rationality. If they couldn’t keep the world from conflagration, what is the likelihood that U.S. “leadership” will not both engineer (1) its own economic and cultural collapse and (2) something far worse than that first European civil war of a century ago. The collective wisdom of the most educated and intelligent people of the United States has failed to avert the cultural and economic catastrophe that is about to break upon us. And in contrast to Putin we have a leader with little more to offer than a visceral (and welcome) patriotism (hitherto in very short supply) and an excellent sense that America's economic domestic and international policies have more often than not ended up with ordinary Americans holding the short end of the stick. God bless Mr. Trump but more than anything else we need leaders of the caliber of Putin and Mr. Orban in Hungary.

Putin – and Bashar al-Assad – stand out as examples of decent and rational leadership. For all the rest, its hard to find leaders in the world who deserve our respect and who respect common sense. The U.S., in particular, has lost what moral authority it may have had from the era of the Cold War and it is playing a key role in ensuring that reckless, stupid, warlike policies are pursued at every opportunity to vindicate not one vital American interest. Not one.

America has become a dangerous and unfunny joke and the next chapter in world history will not be edifying. The end of history? It is to laugh.

Interview of Elijah Magnier by Eva Bartlett.

An interesting look at events in Syria:

I particularly like Mr. Magnier’s take on the phony baloney U.S. “war” on ISIS oil convoys before the Russians arrived and took care of business.